Volunteers needed for Decathlon Coventry's Half Marathon

Welcome to Decathlon Coventry’s Half Marathon 2016 and thank you for volunteering your time to help make this event a success for our runners and the spectators. We are very grateful for your support and would like to thank you in advance for giving up your time to help with the smooth running of the event. 
The Decathlon Coventry Half Marathon starts at 9am on Sunday 28th February 2016 and we are expecting 4,000 runners to participate in the day’s events. In addition there is also the ‘Schools’ Challenge’ event which will begin at 9.20am with 850+ school children running a mile. 
For many, crossing the finish line will be a lifetime achievement with a large percentage of runners raising money for their chosen charities.  
We are building a network of volunteers who will play a crucial role in Decathlon Coventry’s Half Marathon. They offer a smiley face and much encouragement, as well as important details about the run to those taking part and spectating.  
Volunteering is a great chance to get involved with this exciting, well established event and help to show off the wonderful sites of Coventry.  
Volunteers also tend to get involved to feel part of the community and to support family and friends who are running. 
Volunteering is also a great addition to your Curriculum Vitae.  
Breakfast will be provided on arrival for those signing in at the event village, with further refreshments available throughout the morning.  
Those who are placed out on the course will receive a packed lunch. 
All volunteers will receive a T-shirt to wear on race day. This will make sure you are clearly identifiable as a volunteer. We hope you’ll keep the T-shirt as a memento of the day.  
All our volunteers are offered a free entry into another GO2 Half Marathon or 10K:
- Coventry’s Half Marathon 2017
- Plymouth’s Half Marathon 2016
- Vitality North London Half Marathon 2016
- Vitality Run Hackney 2016
- Cheltenham Half Marathon 2016
- WestRun London 10K 2016
- Oxford’s Half Marathon 2016
- Exeter’s Great West Run 2016
You’re welcome to use the place yourself or pass onto a family member/friend to enjoy. 
Individual Roles 
Course Marshals:
- Directing runners along the course; perfect for those with some running experience as they know just what support our participants may need
- Directing spectators to ensure the roads are clear for runners
- Sign in times approx.- 7.30am.
Race Village Marshals: 
- Supporting the participant facilities within the race village such as the Race Pack
- Query desk, Volunteer reception and ‘queue busting’ as needed Sign in times approx. – 6.45am- 7.00am.
Start/Finish Marshals: 
- Directing runners into the timing pens at the start of the race
- Clearing the finish line as soon as the runners have all set off ready for the Schools Challenge
- Encouraging runners as they finish and keeping them moving through the rewards area
- Sign in times approx.- 6.45am- 7.00am
Rewards Marshals: 
- Setting up the rewards items (Goody Bags, Medals, Bananas, Water) ensuring an organised layout
- Congratulating/offering encouragement to participants whilst handing out rewards items as participants move through the rewards area
- Sign in times approx. 7.30am
Information Marshals: 
- Providing information on the local area to runners and spectators (i.e., where the nearest café is, where the baggage tent is etc.) Sign in times approx. 7.00am
- All individual volunteers must be 18+
Briefing Evening:
We like to meet with all our volunteers 2 weeks before the event. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about your role and event day. We will also provide you with all the information you will need for your role on event day. 
We will be in touch soon to provide you with the date. 

Click to download Volunteer Introduction pdf
For any queries relating to the Decathlon Coventry’s Half Marathon contact The Event Team on:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  /0845 3084003. 
To sign up as a volunteer please visit https://register.canbook.me/volunteers2016